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One Room Challenge Update


Week II

Progress! The One Room Challenge has given me some much needed momentum 🙂 The walls have been painted a crisp, bright white. You can see the the difference between the bright white and the previous white with pinkish undertones in the photo below:

I took this after I had painted the walls and was cutting in around the trim. You can see the pinkish white along the trim and can see others were not so careful cutting in…I have no idea how to clean that up!

The duck ugly poker green carpet is gone! In taking it out, I uncovered the stunning, original hardwood floors which are actually in amazing shape considering the house is over 100 years old!

The floor still needs to be cleaned up since there are spots of carpet padding residue but c’mon, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would’ve covered this beauty up to begin with! I’m not sure exactly how I might give them a little refresher but I certainly don’t think they need to be completely refinished since they have tons of character as they are!

And for those wanting a better view of the pocket door. Here is a picture of it from the inside of the room…

It looks smaller than it is in this picture. For reference the wall is 9ft wide by about 8ft tall!

I have several things on my to-do list for the coming week. For starters, I want to replace these plain vent covers.

The West Michigan Vintage Market is happening next weekend. I met one of the vendors a few weeks ago and she told me I could bring my plain covers in and she would trade them in for some more ornate styles like this or this.

Below is a sneak peek at that faux tin ceiling I’ll be doing. My plan is to spray paint the grid white, then wallpaper each tile using this budget-friendly textured wallpaper. It’s only 15.99 for 56 sq. ft! I should be able to cover the ceiling with just 2 rolls. In comparison, replacement drop-in tiles in a tin ceiling look would have come in at upwards of $200!

I’ll pay for the difference in price in labor. I’ll have to cut multiple pieces of wallpaper for each tile. Then I’ll have to spray the pre-pasted wallpaper with this paste activator to get it to stick.

I have a lot of work ahead of me, but it feels great to have some momentum! I look forward to updating you all next week with progress on the refresh of the floors, the faux ceiling, and hopefully a new (or I guess older but prettier…) air vent!

Have a great week and quack on!


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