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One Room Challenge Update – Week III


The Poker Room is in shambles…okay maybe that’s a little dramatic but that’s what it feels like.

This week I tried my “genius” idea of wallpapering the drop ceiling tiles for the One Room Challenge and let’s just say…it was a challenge. For starters, using the paste activating spray and cutting multiple pieces for each tile was cumbersome and messy. I could have pushed through this but unfortunately, the result was less than stellar.

Because the ceiling tiles aren’t completely smooth, the activator paste pooled in the divots and formed those splotches.

I held out hope that those splotches would go away upon drying, but, as luck would have it, it actually looks worse now that it’s dry!

The yellowing happened, I think, because the ceiling tiles are so old 😦

This left me with quite the conundrum. The focal point of my design, as well as my great budget-friendly DIY plan, seemed to be out the window. The wonderful man I’m dating, Kevin, suggested a couple of solutions:

  1. Use cardboard cut outs instead of the ceiling tiles and move forward with the idea, as planned.

  2. Take out the ceiling tiles, paint everything above the grid, and leave the grid but paint it for an industrial vibe.

Can you guess which one I decided to go with?

The idea of cutting out a million (okay…18) cardboard pieces and then painstakingly and messily adhering multiple pieces of wallpaper per tile sounded awful. Plus, I kind of loved the idea of leaving the grid and doing something fun and bold with the ceiling, so I decided to completely overhaul my design of the ceiling, and room, in order to go with idea number 2!

I lucked out because the ceiling and wall above are in decent shape. Though I will need to touch up the plaster on that wall on the right.

So this week progress kind of looks like a tornado hit the room…

but I do still, 100%, count it as progress. It just doesn’t always feel or look like it! So for next week, I’ll plan on getting the new idea for the ceiling complete!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the West Michigan Vintage Market was AWESOME, we found so many wonderful things, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the size air vent that I needed so the hunt will continue for a replacement.

Happy Easter Duckies!

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