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One Room Challenge Week IV

The dreamy dark sky.


I did it. I cleared out the room, patched the wall, and painted the ceiling Polo Blue by Benjamin Moore for the One Room Challenge and guys…it’s dark..really dark…almost black..and I LOVE it.

I used the Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint which went on great with virtually no splatter.

It’ll require two coats even though it goes on really thick since I’m essentially doing black on white but it works out well because I want to spray paint the grid (color TBD) before putting the final coat on the ceiling.

This is what it looks like with just the first coat:

I love how the dark blue makes the wood trim pop and almost makes it look like the ceiling limit is endless.

So for this week, my plan is to spray the grid, do the final coat of blue on the ceiling, and refresh the floors. For the latter, I found this great article on doing a “recoating” of old hardwoods that allows them to keep some of their character without doing a complete refinishing. It’s a lot to tackle in a week but we are in the home stretch.

As always, thanks for following along and keep it quackin’!


#OneRoomChallenge #ORC #bhgorc

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