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One Room Challenge: Week V

I can’t believe I’m almost to the end of my first One Room Challenge!

This week I used Design Master spray paint in Brilliant Silver to make the white look silver and add to the industrial vibe and then finished with the final coat of Benjamin Moore ceiling paint in Polo Blue. I also changed up the grid so that it has an offset pattern. Here is what the finished ceiling looks like:

Once all the painting was done, I moved onto the floor. I used Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean them up and they look amazing! This soap is very concentrated so you want to follow the directions on the back when using it. I mixed soap and warm water in a spray bottle and used a microfiber cloth to get the floor sparkling clean. Here are some photos of during the process and after:

I also started shopping for finishes! Here are a few of my finds I plan to use:

I also scored a couple vintage ornate vent covers from an awesome antique mall here in Grand Rapids called Warehouse One Antiques. They have layers of caked on paint.

Look for a blog post on Tuesday on the process of cleaning these up!

I am starting to play around with how I’m going to actually set the room up. I tried putting a small sofa in the room but I don’t think it’s going to fit in there with my big Steelcase tanker desk.

The sofa will likely need to go…

I have quite a few things left on my list…

  1. Clean old air vent

  2. Remove stickers from the Steelcase tanker desk

  3. Add Duck Ugly logo “stamp” to the top of the desk by following this image transfer tutorial

  4. Make and hang new light fixture using these lights and a bicycle rim I found at Michaels (couldn’t find it on their website)

  5. Install bamboo blinds and hang curtains

  6. All the other little finishing stuff like hanging art, etc.

The finishing part is my favorite; I can’t wait to start getting things in place and figuring out where I want things to go! And I can’t wait to show you all the finishing product!

Quack on everyone! We’re almost there!


#BHGORC #OneRoomChallenge #ORC

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